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Zero to Sixty (0-60 Timer)

0.99 usd

Zero to Sixty is a simple, lightweight application that has one primary function, to perform accurate 0-60 timings for any motor vehicle using the sensors of your Android phone.That's all it does, but it does it quite well, with no distracting graphics or advertisements. It requires ZERO USER INTERACTION. Once started, it will record the time it takes to get from 0 to 60 MPH (or 0 to 100 KPH if you like). Just come to a complete stop and go (you don't even need to wait until the speed readout reaches 0, anything under 5 MPH/KPH on the GPS is fine. Just drive normally!
For best results, insure the phone is secured (preferably in a windshield/dash mount) for best accelerometer and GPS readings.
that's all there is to it! Measure your 0-60 performance today!
Look for other exciting applications coming soon from Stuttgart RennTechnik!